Other Services

Are you another professional in the publishing industry or in need of self-publishing services? We have a-la-carte services for you.


Layout, Design and Editing

Our designers and editors will help you get your book ready for print. Our designers will type set and lay out cover art and our editors meticulously optimize your grammar and sentence structure. In addition, our editors are trained help you "up your word game" for a winning edge in the competitive world of children's books.

Printing and Binding

Experience in the print process and industry is paramount to having a beautifully finished product… or just an "OK" product. At Three Plus One, we shoot for greatness. We help you decide which printing process will best fit your needs and we walk your book though the press from start to finish.

Project Management

Part of the challenge of "doing it yourself" is trying to connect the gears of ALL the moving parts. Let us handle it for you. Our experienced project managers can help lead you through the process with attention to detail and constant communication along the way.

Finding Your Match

A great illustrator may be perfect for one project, but not ideal for another. We can help you evaluate styles and successfully match your story to the right illustrator. With questions like, "What are you goals?" and "What is your budget," we help you narrow down the field and find the artist that's right for you.