Meet Our Founder

Photograph of founder, Sara LinWhen someone reads one of my stories (or one of my author's stories) and says “We enjoyed this book because...” What a powerful way to connect with another person; through books and shared experiences.

Relationships are what drives me. Getting to interact with my authors, illustrators and my marketing team on a daily basis creates joy and motivation to keep going to publish the next book, and the next! There isn't anything better than having the shared experience of creating “something” from “nothing.”

I get to do all of my work from home and so my kids get to see me start each new project and I sometimes ask for their input. Sharing my work with my family is good for them and me and fuels my creativity, drive and focus.

So, how did we come up with "3+1 Publishing?"

That was actually suggested by David Lin, my brilliant husband, business partner, story contributor and sometimes... editor. We ended up having four children, three boys and one girl. Stories and reading around the clock have always been a big thing in our home. Not to mention the fact that their energy and personalities are the fuel for my books. It seemed fitting that we name the company after the tiny house-dwellers who are both the source of our inspiration and the precipice of our insanity.