Lin Hawthorne

Lin Hawthorne, Children's Book Author

As a little girl, Lin could often be found two places: roaming the neighborhood on a grand adventure with her favorite books in hand, and hard at work in her art studio bedroom where she made fabulous creations . . . and fabulous messes.

As a grown-up author and digital artist, she combines her love of everything creative and has since learned to clean up after herself. Sometimes. She is grateful to her Art, English, and Music teachers for leading her into a right-brained, paint-brush, scavenger hunt life.

Lin enjoys a not-so-quiet life with her husband and four wildly adorable yet outspoken kids in Arizona. Each night when the desert glow fades, she is inspired to turn life’s moments into book magic. Lin finds an endless source of material in parenting and everyday life and is inspired by the ridiculous irony of child logic versus reality. Her husband, David is a frequent contributor to her writing and she of course, tests material on her built-in audience. It's usually a pretty tough crowd.

Lin has won multiple awards for her books from "Best Cover" to "Best Book Trailer" and other accolades such as "Best New Children's Book 2023" in silver from the IBPA.

Lin is the author of Mom's Not Wipin' Your Bum, Mom's Not Cleanin' Your Room, Gloria Bee's Big Picture Day and The Barnyard Sang in the Merriest Way.

When she's not writing books (and thinking about writing more books), she is running kids to their activities, and collecting frequent driver miles on the family Pathfinder. She also recently picked up tap dancing.