About Three Plus One Publishing

Commitment to excellence

3+1 Publishing expertly brings excellent children's books to market. Built on a traditional publishing model, we contract with authors to pair well-crafted stories with the perfect illustrations—giving life to timeless children's picture books.

We're proud of our family of authors

We work with a very small group of talented authors, who are our framework for creating long-term relationships and sales success. Our goal with each publishing project is to build our authors' trust with their present books AND future works.

    Our global strategy

    We take a global approach to publishing by introducing new talent from all over the world into our family of illustrators, designers, editors and marketers, all of whom play an invaluable role in our book publishing process.

    We LOVE what we do

    Here at 3+1 Publishing, we LOVE what we do. To produce award-winning books, we lead our authors through an ENJOYABLE publishing experience and toward an excellent finished product. Our storyboarding, editing, marketing and illustration all come together to form a MEMORABLE story experience for our young readers.

    Are you an author interested in seeing if you're a fit for our publishing house? Please visit this link here and fully fill out the form. We will contact you if we can see the potential!