About the Author


Lin Hawthorne: Author

Lin Hawthorne has written humor and short stories her whole life. She enjoys a not-so-quiet life with her husband and four outspoken kids in Arizona. At night when the desert glow fades, she is inspired to turn life’s moments into book magic. Driven by a desire to encourage early independence in kids, she writes to infuse grace, fun and positivity into everyday tasks– tools moms can use to develop character in their children. Her mission is to create a series of humorous children's books written to build relationships and foster meaningful conversations about responsibility as kids grow. 


Stevie Mahardhika is a big kid at heart and  relishes the opportunity to draw for children’s books with a focus on animal characters and adventure stories. He gives full credit to his older brother whose drawings he copied while he was growing up. Stevie also has the utmost respect for fellow illustrator, Anton Petrov, and he has been a constant source of inspiration over the years as Stevie develops and evolves his own personal style. Zeke is one of the many characters Stevie creates to breathe life into his authors' stories.