The press is running... and it's picking up the pace for "What Did We Miss?"

Fresh Ink

I love the smell of fresh ink in the morning.

And coffee, but that goes without saying.

It's press time over here at 3+1 Publishing and it's really one of the most exciting times for a publishing house.

What Did We Miss is ON THE PRESS!!!!

To be clear, we are NOT publishing What Did We Miss. The amazing Tiffany Semmons is handling that. But she partnered with our design services and we are completely invested in the final outcome.

And we are invested in her and her journey. As a side note, we think her book is excellent on every level. Which is especially noteworthy considering she is a first-time author. Judging by her first offering, Tiffany is a bright star rising in the publishing world.

Just a bit about Tiffany Semmons, the Author of What Did We Miss?:

Tiffany is a friend and a client and we are beyond excited to support her in this journey. Her books bring humor and a gentle approach into every home through literature. In addition to her work as a publisher and author, she is also a preschool director, wife, and mom.

She earned her bachelor's degree in child and adolescent studies from the illustrious Bowie State University and her master's degree in English and creative writing from Southern New Hampshire University.

How can our design services help authors finish their book?

Our designers are responsible for preparing and formatting all book files to get them ready for press-level (offset) printing and we take our job extremely seriously.

Because once those files hit the press, there's no turning back. Which is thrilling, but also a lot of responsibility.

Again, to be clear, the author/publisher (in this case, So Much Semmons) is ultimately responsible for the process and outcome, but we have expertise in the following areas:

  • Taking the illustrator's vision and "wrapping" the book in a cohesive finished product made up of (potentially):
    • Title design
    • Font selection and text placement
    • Copyright information
    • Endpage and endleaf design
    • Suggestion for and design of special cover and jacket spot finishes
  • Helping author/publisher with recommendations on particular printers based on business direction and print goals
  • Preparing files exactly to printer specifications

What you see in the image above is usually what a book look likes as it comes off the press.

Tiffany Semmons, Author: 

Mrs. Semmons brings her expertise in child development, skills as a writer, and relatable topics to her own publishing house. Her first book, What Did We Miss?, is the first of many titles in a series designed to help parents deal with their children's sleep issues.

To follow more of Tiffany's journey use to the following links:

Purchase book:

Join her "My Kid Won't Sleep" facebook group: My Kid Won't Sleep

Follow her on Instagram: Tiffany's Instagram

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