The newest story coming out of Three Plus One Publishing

The newest story coming out of Three Plus One Publishing

We have quite a few things going on here at 3+1 Publishing and one of those is


This book follows a traditional children's book storyline.
We're not sure where it will end up. It could land with a larger publishing house or we could self-publish again. Either way, it is a GREAT story and we are excited to see where it will land.

I'd like to introduce Leigh Ann Van Fossan. That sounds pretty funny– because it's like introducing Renoir.

"Oh, hi, yes. This is my friend, Pierre Renoir. Yeah, you might have heard of him."

*Awkward silence while other party processes the celebrity in front of them.*

Leigh Ann is *best* known as a world-class professional abstract artist. Her art is museum-quality and is bought and sold around the world.

Use this link to view her current work

But she ALSO has a not-so-hidden talent for illustration. And her debut work is going to be in this story. Not only do I get to have fun with, goof off with, work with a dear friend, but being around her creative generator gives fuel to my fire.

I will release the title in a few weeks, but for now, here's the story synopsis:

When visionary artist Gloria Bee Wilson discovers that her favorite paintbrush is missing, she's worried that she won't be able to make great art without it! She had planned an entire day of outdoor painting with her very silly but helpful dog, named Dog. The day is almost a complete disaster until she realizes she can use her camera to capture all the memories she plans to paint later.

In the story, the humor of Dog's antics scattered throughout show which character is really paying attention in this story, but it’s the tenacity of Gloria that will encourage young girl readers to set their sights on big creative goals and accept flexibility in learning new methods. In the end Gloria Bee discovers that she can make great art in ways other than just painting.

Leigh Ann and I hope you enjoy the sketches so far and I'm excited to reveal more in the future!

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