Mom's Not Cleanin' Your Room made a guest appearance... IN ANOTHER BOOK!

"This Book Is Your Friend" By Misty Black

Books within a book, within a book!

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Misty Black *just* release yet another great literary homage that celebrates the power of books themselves! The cover is a very clever "book-within-a-book" visual that shows a bespectacled little boy partially hidden by his big book he can barely hold.

The over-arching theme is, "Books can take you to far-away places and your imagination is your only limit."

But here's the kicker: throughout the story, various books make a guest appearance in the book itself in a kind of hide-and-seek game for the readers to play.

The Great Book "Inception"

Last page of "This Book Is Your Friend" by Misty Black

Wait, what's that???? Mom's Not Cleanin' Your Room made it to the very last page!!! Misty threw in a lot of her favorite authors and little ol' me made the cut. But the feeling is totally mutual. Misty is not just a great author, she has really done a lot for the world of self-publishing. Her know-how and tenacity are the stuff of legend. I thought this was a brilliant move, especially in terms of marketing.

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Misty Black, Author

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