3+1 Publishing Grows With Shelf Love Acquisition

We are so pleased to announce that Mara Altman, has just signed an exclusive deal for 3+1 Publishing to publish her first children's book, submitted as "Shelf Love." Altman is the author of two nonfiction books, Thanks for Coming and Gross Anatomy: Dispatches from the Front (and Back), which was a semi-finalist for the Thurber Prize for American Humor.

Altman also wrote eight best-selling Kindle Singles and has written for publications such as The New York Times and New York Magazine. Earlier in her career, she was a staff writer for The Village Voice and daily newspapers in India and Thailand.

Her recognizable humor and voice found in her nonfiction books shines through in the script for her children's book, provisionally titled, "Shelf Love." Mara's writing aligns with our company's philosophy of producing "books with deep meaning behind the silly surface." More details to come! Here is the official industry Publication Announcement:

Mara Altman’s SHELF LOVE, in which a colorful cast of houseplants welcomes Poe, a leafy vine, to the kitchen shelf family; Poe notices the other plants’ special talents - beautiful flowers, tasty leaves, spikey arms and fly-catching traps - and despairs, going to great lengths to be like the others, but with a little help from her friends, several stem-breaking stumbles and a deep look inside, Poe discovers the unique gifts rooted in herself., illustrated by Reesa Baxter, for publication in March 2025, by Sara Lin at Three Plus One Publishing (US).
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